We offer the complete package - Venue, Food and Decoration

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Getting married is one of the most important days in ones lives.

Food and decoration is probably the foremost concern in wanting to make sure you decide on one of the very best weddings.

Best catering near me services which can provide a variety that's as memorable as the vows you are taking.

Before choosing a caterer and signing a contract you'd wish to ask some questions such as:

• is that the caterer able to organize a tasting session of the foods you're interested in before you decide to rent the company as a reputable company nearly always obliges

• confirm the company isn't overbooked on the same day as your wedding as this might cause them to oversee certain things

• Are the wedding catering services insured and are they licensed and do they meet the specified health requirements. Ask if they serve alcohol if yes and do they have a liquor license 

All these questions are relevant or a bill you never budgeted for from the wedding food catering services. Your reception should be perfect in every way and can also blend with the theme you've chosen.

There are several well-noted Wedding catering services in Delhi which not only caterers but will recommend a location and supply all the decorations and cake.

Majeeds Catering who offers an entire package. 

So if you're planning a wedding with varied catering services, we will help plan a perfect wedding whether it is a garden wedding or a banquet wedding.